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C J Woodruff Plumbing & Heating(860-653-4802)
Kenny Funeral Home(860-542-5621)
Kenny Monument Service(860-542-5621)
Bumbera J(860-542-3929)
Bumbera S(860-542-3929)
Harvill Keith(860-542-5919)
Grosjean C E(860-542-6069)
Metcalf Shirley(860-542-5365)
Metcalf William(860-542-5365)
Andrews Tamsen(860-542-5209)
Currier Donald C(860-542-5999)
Brown Frances W(860-542-6063)
Baldwin V H(860-542-6014)
Auclair George Jr(860-542-5044)
Manor House Inn The(860-542-5578)
McKee Lois(860-542-5634)
Kelly Joseph(860-542-5754)
Rovella S C(860-542-5986)
Brodnitzki W(860-542-5641)
Bull Lois(860-542-5372)
Card Clarence W(860-542-5491)
Cobb Michael(860-542-5417)
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